Hawaii’s Haunted Kamaoa Wind Farm

In the southernmost tip of Hawaii, where Polynesian colonists first arrived over 1,500 years ago an eerie wiwo…wiwo…wiwo could be heard whispered in the wind.

Many locals believe that Ka Le is haunted ground. In a way it is. See it is haunted by the sounds of the disembodied skeletal remains of 37 abandoned wind turbines. The rusty remnants were located on a 100-acre site that was once the Kamaoa Wind Farm..

The “Ghosts of Kamaoa,” as they are known, are not alone in their abandonment. There are five other abandoned wind sites in the Hawaiian Isles. Hawaii does not stand alone though in California thousands of abandoned wind turbines litter the landscape

Kamaoa was constructed back in 1985. It wasn’t long before Kamaoa suffered from lack of maintenance and in 1994 it was purchased by California based Apollo Energy.

Apollo employees cannibalized the 37 turbines to keep the ever declining wind farm going with outdated equipment. Maintenance issues overwhelmed them and by 2004 Kamaoa showed up on the Hawaii State Department of Finance list of unclaimed properties. The Hawaii Electric Company completely cut off transmissions in 2006.

Though they were not operational the turbines were anything, but silent. Their eerie groaning whoosh was carried over a ½ of a mile. The deep organ like rumble sounded much like a large depressed spirit crying out adding to the stories that the site was haunted.

In 2012 Apollo announced plans to take down the 37 rusted Mitsubishi wind turbines. They stated that they would be leasing the land to cattle ranchers.

It was not until just this year that Apollo began dismantling the turbines and piling the parts on the ground giving the area a graveyard like feel. With the dismemberment came the silencing of the site, but that has yet to silence the stories of the haunted Ka Le.

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